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Job Information

  • Language: Haskell
  • Location: New York
  • Company Description: Blockchain Start-up
  • Job Id: 1121

The job is at NYC start-up where they’re building a distributed ledger technology for smart-contract for pretty much any business workflow – such as finance, insurance, healthcare.

The team has decided to create their own language that is a strongly-typed purely functional language to support distributed ledger technology that plays nicely with existing technology like Java, Scala, etc.

The team are mostly using mostly Haskell, and work in a highly collaborative environment that involves a global internal team and partners across the globe – such as Google, Accenture, and various banks/insurance companies.

This is a very fashionable area, but the reality of getting something like this is challenging and harsh. Here, Digital Asset leads the way and are the real deal with Series B funding offering a stable work environment, compensation, meaningful stock, and an expert at the C-Level.


Skill required:

  • Hands on functional programming experience in one of the following (Haskell, Scala, Clojure, or Ocaml).
  • Strong CS fundamentals
  • Hands on experience of working on distributed systems