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Job Information

  • Language: FPGA
  • Location: Chicago
  • Company Description: World Class Trading Firm
  • Job Id: 1136

The trading desk has already had great success without the use of FPGAs, but now feel that adding hardware acceleration will help grow their P&L. You will be responsible for building their FPGA application from scratch.

As the first FPGA engineer on the desk, you will have a great say in the direction of the team, be able to participate in the full development lifecycle (including system and block level testing of low latency high throughput FPGA design), and see your impact on the success of the desk from the outset. They are also open to building a team around you should you feel necessary.


– Architect/implement new solutions for FPGA applications

– Research into cutting-edge FPGA technologies and hardware

– Recommend solutions to overcome FPGA limitations

– Liaise with both the trader and software team

Desired Skills:

– At least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer/Electrical Engineering

– 3+ years relevant experience

– A solid grounding in hardware engineering, with a focus on FPGA solutions

– Experience of RTL logic design, writing Verilog, and FPGA design flow (either XILINX/ALTERA)

– Prior knowledge of the TCP/IP stack

–  As you would be working on greenfield work, you must be willing to get your hands dirty and be able to lead an FPGA project from system requirements to production. someone

Desired Skills and Experience

The chance to work for a leading prop trading firm as the first FPGA engineer on an already successful trading desk (10+ years of successful trading, and working very closely with the partners). You will propose, architect, and implement the teams’ new FPGA solutions (synthesis, place & route, static timing analysis, documentation) from the ground up.