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Job Information

  • Language: Scala
  • Location: Menlo Park
  • Company Description: Venture Capital
  • Salary: Highly competitive, on par with tech giants
  • Position Type: Permanent
  • Job Id: 1015

Job Description

This job is to work directly for a VC based in Menlo Park with offices in New York and the Far East.

Despite only having around 100 workers they currently manage assets of just over $12 billion; and currently have sizeable investments in large tech firms such as Lyft (Private), Box (Public) and recent IPO Snapchat. One of the main reasons the firm has been so successful is that they have focused on high growth investments in the technology, media and telecommunications space in both the public and private markets.

The firm was set up in the late 90s Since the implementation of the firm it has generated returns of well over 400%!!. Something worth noting and existing about this job is that is over the next few years the VC has placed a large amount of focus on really growing and driving the data science component of the business.

To highlight how well this VC is currently doing and how serious they are in capturing the top talent on the market, they offer extremely competitive compensation and also offer their workers many benefits and a healthy work/life balance. The earning potential here if they keep operating so successfully is huge.

Skills Required

  • 5+ years experience building software in Scala or Clojure
  • Experience working with distributed applications and related technologies, e.g., message queues, distributed logs, high-availability data stores
  • A strong understanding of consistency and availability fundamentals related to distributed systems
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to advocate for your technical solutions to your team and the larger Engineering department