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Job Information

  • Languages: C++, Python
  • Location: New York
  • Company Description: A Quant Trading Firm
  • Salary: Highly competitive, on par with tech giants
  • Position Type: Permanent
  • Job Id: 1048

This is a rare opportunity at a prestigious quant fund in NYC, typically made available only to those who currently work for the firm. It will involve sitting with researchers, taking part in building predictive statistical analysis to find high-value insight, and working on a highly distributed real-time data analysis platform where best practices and an excellent grasp of CS fundamentals are critical.

Prior finance experience is not a prerequisite; however, you should have an aptitude for problem-solving that allows you to pick up the underlying maths of finance quickly, and have excellent hands-on coding skills. Ideally, you’ve worked with C++ or heavy back-end Python code in the past, but candidates coming from other OO or FP languages are welcome to apply.

The main draw of this job is…

  • You will sit directly with researchers and be responsible for conducting analysis and finding insight
  • You will be exposed to hardcore distributed computing related problems
  • You will code in Python and modern C++, but won’t be pigeon-holed—meaning you can use whatever tech/language you wish, provided you are pragmatic and outcome-oriented
  • Your compensation will reflect you direct contribution, and not be watered down by senior managers
  • NO PM’s or BA’s. You will be talking directly with end users
  • Work alongside a small, highly accountable, and super talented team—a highly conducive working environment, not one that’s plagued by pointless meetings and red-tape!
  • Earn $$$$. I did say the team is made up of extremely talented individuals. They’re not doing this on a tight budget—you can expect top-market rates
  • Actually, deploy working code on a regular basis and get instant feedback; allowing you to learn, iterate, and deploy again

Skills required

  • A Bachelor’s in CS. Other Hard Sci backgrounds are welcome, but you should be comfortable with your data structures, algorithms, and complexity
  • Hands-on coding skills and a desire to remain hands-on
  • Open source work of your own, ideally; but if you’ve been unable to code in spare time (have been slammed at work, have screaming kids to deal with at home, etc.), no worries. Just be proud of your personal work to date rather than that attributed to others
  • Been coding for a long time—maybe from an early age or your first year of college.