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Job Information

  • Languages: C++, Golang, JVM, Python
  • Location: San Fran
  • Company Description: Quant Fund
  • Salary: Highly competitive, on par with tech giants
  • Position Type: Permanent
  • Job Id: 1050

Job Description

A boutique but fast-growing quantitative hedge fund based in Berkeley and founded by two ML scientists, The team focus on trying to solve large-scale financial problems with statistical ML. As such, there is a culture of academic research (a lot of the employees hold PhDs in Comp Sci, Mathematics, Statistics, etc.) focused work combining cutting-edge, scalable architectures.

They have had a very successful past few years and have made a number of hires on their research team (usually coming from Top ML colleges) and, as such are now looking at building out the tech-side to help support their research efforts including their in-house trading infrastructure, distributed computing and data processing, and pipelines for model development. But there’s also a whole range of other diverse hard problems to work on.

Teams are small (typically no more than 7 or so) working directly alongside researchers and other engineers. No one is constrained to a particular tech stack; a variety of easily recognized open source technologies and Languages.

Past hires have come from mostly pure tech, such as Google, Microsoft, Dropbox who’ve made the transition and enjoy the non-customer focused theoretical yet practical work.

Skills Required

  • Proficiency in at least one of C++, Python, Go, or a JVM language
  • Experience working with distributed applications and related technologies, e.g., message queues, distributed logs, high-availability data stores
  • A strong understanding of consistency and availability fundamentals related to distributed systems
  • Experience building and deploying significant, well-architected, maintainable, and testable applications
  • A demonstrated ability to tackle large or complex technical projects