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Job Information

  • Languages: C++, Go, JVM, Python
  • Location: San Fran
  • Company Description: A leading global investment bank
  • Salary: Highly competitive, on par with tech giants
  • Position Type: Permanent
  • Job Id: 1052

Job Description

One of the World’s leading video platform! With more than >90 million visitors per month! The platform allows people from around the world to broadcast, watch, and carry out private chat/messaging.

Hiring for the “Data Team”, and looking for a Software engineer that can scale and help guide the transition to a Microservices architecture.

A start-up environment, this company, is not dogmatic about technology. Use what technologies you feel is best, if that’s open source then great. If that means building from the ground up, that’s fine as well.

You will work closely with both technical and product teams, and be responsible for gathering requirements and executing in the technical direction.

Tech stack: Go, C++, Cassandra, AWS, Kafka, Docker, Dynamo, Postgres, Redis,

Skills required

  • 5+ years experience building software or web applications
  • Proficiency in at least one of C++, Python, Go, or a JVM language
  • Experience working with distributed applications and related technologies, e.g., message queues, distributed logs, high-availability data stores
  • A strong understanding of consistency and availability fundamentals related to distributed systems
  • Experience building and deploying significant, well-architected, maintainable, and testable applications
  • A demonstrated ability to tackle large or complex technical projects
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to advocate for your technical solutions to your team and the larger Engineering department