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Job Information

  • Languages: C++, Java, Python
  • Location: Austin
  • Company Description: No.1 Crypto Trading firm
  • Job Id: 1079

For this job correctly, you will be someone that is working for a trading desk as a software engineer. Doesn’t matter if you’re working on core/infra related problems or strategy related challenges, or even straddling the two. You will be someone comfortable coding in common trading languages (Java, C++, and/or Python) and above all doing well and recognized as a good performer.

The last thing on your mind is probably looking for a new job. Why would you,? You’re doing well, and money is good and so too is other things you expect in a job. However, you ought to read this job it will offer an upside on compensation, open your skill set up to new problems that are not common in trading, whilst retaining the skills you have, and give you a chance to play a pivotal role in a game-changing business.

Currently, based on various matrices, the number one crypto trading team in the world. Many trading businesses have recently started supporting the trading of cryptocurrency as the exchanges have begun to support this type of trade; however, this trading team has been in this space since 2015. Moreover, there has been a more comprehensive investment into the broader blockchain technology as far back as 2011. In other words, this is a business that backs the revolutionary aspect of blockchain technology rather than just looking to capitalize on speculation/volatility. What does this actually look like? Well, they’ve invested in small start-ups to help build cross-company platforms, strong collaboration with other firms, invested heavily in purchasing north of $5m BTC in 2015 seized by the FEDs, and much more. All this is facilitating a barrier to entry and a competitive advantage.

Everything at this trading team is being built or has been built from the ground up. The team has a unique culture, name, team structure, comp structure. Custom trading systems in this team are built in C++/Java,  whilst strategy work in Python/C++, but there’s a lot of new systems that can’t just be a copy and paste from other trading asset classes. There’s a new custom risk reporting, reconciliation, clearing systems that don’t look like anything else out there. There’s also a customer facing business that requires real-time web application, Ui’s, workflows that just don’t exist out there (no third party software here).

So if you feel you would enjoy building a trading desk franchise from the ground up. Relish leveraging your skill around infra and/or strategy dev. Enjoy tacking wider CompSci hard problems around data collection/analysis, enjoy building a customer facing experience. And above all enjoy working in a start-up team with its own name, website, obligatory start-up t-shirt, and culture geared towards growing a global-business, then you should apply.

What else??

  • Work life balance is good. People are encouraged to take more holiday than company offers
  • Low ego team, very little politics that are weeded out via a thorough interview process, transparent/competent leadership, and a strict NO Ass%%% policy
  • Compensation is strong here, and the team is experienced at treating mid-year movers with compensation fluctuation treated with a sign on, bonus guarantees. The team has hired several people from other trading firms such as Jump Trading, Allston, and XR all of whom have had 1 year non-competes. So yes, they will be willing to wait for good people. 

Skills required:

  • Hands-on experience writing trading software in C++ Java, or python. You might be working as a core/infra person or a desk algo/strategy engineer – both skillsets are applicable
  • Good communication, able to talk to users directly
  • Comfortable in an individual contributor role for the next few years at least
  • Recognized as a strong performer, a team player, and a go-to person or a person people trust to get s*** done.