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Job Information

  • Languages: C++, Java, Python
  • Location: Austin
  • Company Description: World Class Trading Firm
  • Job Id: 1083

As an Algorithm Developer, you will be collaborating with the entire engineering organization, Research Team, and Traders to produce and deliver highly complex predictive models that trade across various markets across the globe 24/7. This will involve applying various statistical analysis techniques (i.e Time-series, Regression, Machine Learning etc.) on vast data sets (structured and unstructured) to find realized predictive models. There is also a chance to contribute to the low latency, highly distributed, concurrent trading infrastructure these models will run on.

Skills required:

  • Good communication skills and clarity of thought
  • Strong HardSci background
  • Comfortable coding, even if you’re not writing production code daily.
  • Hands-on coding experience in ideally Python, but other OO and FP languages are also fine