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Job Information

  • Language: Elixir
  • Location: Chicago
  • Company Description: World Class Pure Tech Infra Team at Trading firm
  • Job Id: 1092

This job is for a polyglot team concerned with building cutting-edge applications that allow them to analyze real-time streaming data to look for patterns or anomalies. The group operates within a quant fund, but all hires have come from pure tech and finance knowledge if not required.

The project is mostly greenfield in nature with plenty of design exposure. As for tech stack, they are using Java/ Ruby but also using Clojure for advantages around terse code, concurrency handling, etc.

Being a small insulated/accountable/outcome driven team, they are not bound by strict tools/frameworks; as such the team does make use of open source with no friction from broader tech infra. An example of being open to new things is the recent use of Elixir and writing Java in a very functional way.

Just to be clear, the team are NOT looking for someone with exact same tech experience, they are language/tech agnostic at interview stage and believe in rapid deployment and feedback, automated testing, and cohesive, transparent, lightly-coupled service architectures.

What else?

  • They on average look after 200 applications but yet require near zero support
  • They build a lot of their own tools and frameworks but make use of all things opensource
  • The per hire quality is very high
  • It’s lots of paired programming following Kanban style
  • What I personally like here, the attrition level is super low. People know each other
  • Good work/life balance

Skills Required

  • Hands-on experience using Clojure or Ruby or Elixir in production
  • Hands on experience dealing with users directly, building well-tested software
  • Experience or willing to work in a Paired Programming environment
  • Curious about technology and how things work
  • Low ego, low drama, and someone that enjoys coding